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wildflower festival artist application

4 June 2022

Thanks for your interest in applying to participate as an artist (visual, music, and/or performance) at the Wildflower Festival! We are excited to highlight the abundance of creativity in our community! 

There are multiple ways to participate in the festival as an artist. This application is for those who want to showcase their craft by doing a live demonstration, playing a music set, or performing (dance, poetry, storytelling, etc.) in the Sound Garden.

You can also apply for a vendor booth to sell your artwork, participate in the art show & auction, and/or apply to host a workshop and share your passion with others in a hands-on atmosphere. 

Before applying, please familiarize yourself with our website to ensure your offering would be a good fit with St. Francis of the Woods' mission to empower people to renew their spirits and transform the world through community, creativity, and care for creation. 

Are you willing to help us promote the event by commenting on and sharing our Instagram and Facebook posts, inviting friends to the Facebook event, and making posts of your own?
The Wildflower Festival is a fundraiser for St. Francis of the Woods, but supporting artists is important to us, so please let us know what you would need to participate in the festival. We cannot guarantee that stipends will be available - we will let you know as we work on securing sponsorships.
Would you like to donate a piece of your art to the art show & auction? Artist commissions for the art auction are on a sliding scale, decided on by the artist. If you answer yes, we will reach out with more information.
How did you hear about the Wildflower Festival?
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