Directed Retreats

We offer directed retreats for individuals. Directed retreats are facilitated by Fr. Aidan, and provide guests with the opportunity for spiritual direction with a trained spiritual director and the cultivation of contemplative practices to deepen your spiritual journey. Directed retreats involve intention setting for your time here, participation in community life, periods of silence and fasting, and integration to help you take a sense of peace with you back into your everyday life. The holy mysteries of reconciliation and unction are also available by request. 


Please contact Fr. Aidan by email if you have any questions or would like to book a directed retreat.

Friday - Sunday


9:00 - Morning Meditation

18:30 - Evening Prayer & Holy Unction  

19:00 - Shared Community Meal

20:00 - Spiritual Direction 



Day of Silence & Fasting 



10:45 - Eucharist

12:00 - Community Meal

14:00 - Spiritual Direction & Integration

Depart by 4pm on Sunday