Community Schedule

summer 2022

6pm - Community Potluck Dinner


9am - Morning Meditation



9am - Qigong



9am - Morning Meditation

6pm - Vespers* & Potluck Dinner

*St. Francis Chapel for Saturday before a Divine Liturgy; Oakerhater Chapel for other Saturdays



10:45am - Meditation & Eucharist* 

Noon(ish) - Potluck lunch

*First Sundays are Divine Liturgy & brunch

We update the community schedule seasonally around the equinox or solstice. 

rule of life

We are a contemplative community of...


Love - Love is who we are; the very life force that animates the universe. It is a path of acceptance, respecting the dignity of every human being. Through love we participate in the ongoing creation of the universe. 


Healing - We are called to the lifelong journey of healing ourselves, each other, and the world; reconnecting our spirits and moving through brokenness toward wholeness. 


Simplicity - We strive for simplicity of life, being conscious of our impact on this community and Mother Earth by taking only what we need and giving back with gratitude.


Reverence - We embrace the fullness of the human experience, perceiving the Divine Beauty as a reality beyond words flowing through all things, celebrating the sacred in both the silly and the mundane.


Trust - We live in faith that all things work towards the good of the whole. We offer curiosity and compassion when we do not understand another’s journey and remind ourselves that we are all students and teachers on life’s path.


Peace - We live as instruments of peace, following the path from contemplation to action,  moving from stillness within towards reconciliation in our community and the world. 


Humility - We remember that we are dust of the earth, animated by Divine breath. We are rooted in reciprocity and grounded in this place, learning to love and experience our connection to all things.