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Ibn ʿArabī


Meditating with the Mystics is a retreat series lead by Fr. Aidan. Each retreat will focus on a different saint or mystic from the Ancient Wisdom Traditions. Join us as we dive into the life and legacy of Ibn ʿArabī (1165–1240). ʿArabī was an Andalusian scholar, mystic, poet, and philosopher. As a teenager he experienced his first vision. He adopted Sufism and dedicated his life to the spiritual path Each Meditating with the Mystics retreat is independent with unique offerings and practices. This retreat will include a lectio divina, guided imagery, and a meditation on Divine Names. We also share a Arabic themed vegetarian potluck lunch. Space is limited to 10 people! When: 9 September 2023 // 10am-3:30pm Where: begin at the Manse (first house on the left in the main drive) Cost: $40

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  • 11414 W. Hwy 33, Coyle, OK 73027, USA

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