Wildflower Festival 

~A Community Gathering~

A Family Friendly Festival!
Festivities will kick off Saturday, June 8th @ 11am.
Participants are encouraged to camp overnight and enjoy breakfast together in the morning!
All are invited to the ecumenical service Sunday morning at 10:30ish.
Entry is FREE, but some workshops have a fee.
Come & Go ~OR~ camp overnight!

***PLEASE RSVP ASAP for any workshop you plan on attending, as space is limited!!!***
(RSVP info at the bottom of the page)

Community Breathwork with Shela Tarwater Crump of LifeSpiral Services
4:30-6pm | Free | Registration Closed | St. Francis Chapel
*Bring a yoga mat or camping pad, pillow, blanket, eye mask, & journal.
Conscious breathing is the key to our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Breathing with intention creates space for Source to inspire us. Through a conscious practice of connecting the heart-breath-mind we can develop present moment awareness to quickly activate and generate energy in the body for clearing and releasing old patterns while activating higher frequencies for living more fully.

Fermentation Station with Katherine Whalen, SF Garden & Community Outreach Manager
11am | $5 | Registration Closed | Lower Learning Center
Geek out about the beauty of fermentation! We will cover kombucha and the process of lacto-fermentation for veggies like cucumbers (the go-to pickle!), cabbage (sauerkraut from your own garden!), and green beans (my personal favorite crunchy summertime snack). Participants will learn the process and take home their very own SCOBY for kombucha and a jar of pickles made during class.

Meditative Macrame with Fr. Brad Wilson, Director of Saint Francis of the Woods
1:30pm | $30 | Registration Closed | Lower Learning Center
Learn the basics of macramé while practicing the ancient monastic tradition of meditative work. Supplies included.

Soap Felting with Katheryn Bieber
3pm | $10 | 20 Spaces Available | Lower Learning Center
Did you know that wool is naturally anti-microbial? Come join us for some “wet felting fun” as we create a delightfully handy and simple project.
A felted soap lasts longer than a naked bar of soap and ... creating a little colorful wool felted “sweater” around the soap acts as a built in washcloth. When the soap is Finally all used up you will be left with a wonderful little felted wool “pouch” that can easily be made into a little coin purse!
Come join the fun!
Ages 8-108


Yoga with Vandana Jaiswal
Sunday Morning, 8am | $12 | 15 Spaces Available | Chapel
* Empty Stomach is recommended
•Prana means cosmic and universal life force which is responsible for keeping us 'alive'.
•Ayama has two meanings to expand/ stretch/ and to control/restrain. Breath is a gross manifestation of this prana. So, the word pranayama means the ability to expand or stretch our life force (prana) by controlling the breath.
•Pranayama are yogic breathing exercises that have the ability to quickly increase our energy, release stress, improve our mental clarity, and improve our physical health”.
•Pranayama is for everyone.

Thai Bodywork by Jodi Fritts & Zachary Vetoyanis
11am-5pm | Book Reservation @ 405•826•5857 |Oakerhater Chapel
What is Thai Bodywork?• It gives the benefits of massage, yoga, and energy work in one nurturing dance.
It is an ancient healing art form practiced in Thailand.
Traditionally given on a floor mat with clients fully clothed, Thai bodywork is a whole-body treatment. It combines passive stretching and movement of joints with several touch techniques and work along energy meridians (called sen in Thai). The whole treatment is a graceful, nurturing, interactive dance that is sensitive to the condition of each person. The effect of Thai Massage is greater flexibility, flow of energy, deep relaxation, and feeling of well being. The whole treatment is a graceful, nurturing, interactive dance that is sensitive to the condition of each person. The effect of Thai Massage is greater flexibility, flow of energy, deep relaxation, and feeling of well being.
$20 - $70 | Offerings
Thai Bodywork
30min - $40 | 45min - $55 | 60min - $70
Chair Massage
15min - $20 | 20min - $25 | 30min - $40 | 45min - $55

~Craft Marketplace~
Buy, Sell, & Trade Goods by Local Artists & Makers
**DM for Vendor Inquiry**

Self Care Area~
Facials by Rebecca Southard, Facial Rejuvenation Specialist & Craniosacral Therapist of RS Botanicals
11am-5pm | Book Day Of | Upper Library
Mini Facial massage with my all-organic and Fresh Skincare Products.
Includes Facial Cupping.
$15 | Offering
Mini Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Treatment will balance and tone your skin.
Cupping and Facial massage included.
$35 | Offering

~Plant & Book Swap~
Looking for your next good read or to diversify your houseplant collection?
Bring some books and/or plants to swap!

The Clover Patch~
Guest Guides LoriAnn Gregory, Nature Connection Mentor of Wildernedge

& Mary Seabourn, Naturalist of Oxley Nature Center
Join nature mentors in the shade of our children & youth area for stories, rest, and playful learning.

Live Mural Painting~
Local Artists
Mary Wilson & Cecilia Villalobos
Collaborative Canvas

Campfire Activities~
Live music

Community Meals & Fireside Music by Local Musicians
Meal Tickets $15/Adults
$10/Children (under 12)
Tickets Include Evening Dinner Catered by Health Koncious Catering
Breakfast by Katherine Whalen & SF Community
*Purchase Meal Tickets via Paypal

(Pack a Picnic Lunch for Saturday & for those not purchasing Dinner Meal Tickets, feel free to bring your own dinner.)

RSVP for workshops and purchase your food tickets



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