Meditating with the Mystics

Meditating with the Mystics is a retreat series lead by Fr. Aidan. Each retreat will focus on a different mystic from the Ancient Wisdom Traditions. Join us as we dive deep into the essence of the mystics through their stories and through their writings. Each retreat is independent with unique offerings and practices. Retreats include an guided meditations, breath prayer, mindfulness, nature noticing, lectio divina, and other prayer and meditation practices. We also share a vegetarian potluck lunch. Space is very limited! 

When? 11-5

Hafiz - July 10th 

Teresa of Avila - August 14th 

Rumi - September 

Francis of Assisi - October 

Rabia al Basri - November

Cost: suggested $40 (+$20 for optional book)

Suggested Book: Love Poems from God, Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West, by Daniel Ladinsky

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Introduction to the Eastern Wisdom Traditions

Introduction to the Eastern Wisdom Traditions is a retreat series lead by Dr. Haridas Heitz. The wisdom traditions of the East have a long and fruitful history, leading millions on the path of realizing unity with the divine. In this series of five classes, we will begin our own path to understand, appreciate and practice the ways of three traditions: Daoism, Hinduism and Buddhism. We will begin on June 19th with an orientation to the differences between these traditions and the Western ways of perceiving the world and ourselves, differences that are essential to truly understand Eastern wisdom. In our second class on June 26th, we will learn about the nature of the thinking mind and why we must transcend it if we wish to realize who we are at the deepest level. These two classes will serve as our foundation for understanding the traditions of Daoism, Hinduism and Buddhism (classes 3-5). Our aim will be to not only gain knowledge about these traditions but to also practice their ways and learn how to incorporate these ways into our daily lives.

When? 1-4pm

July 3rd

July 24th

July 31st

Cost: suggested $20-40

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