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Financial Donations

St. Francis of the Woods exists to provide a place of rest and renewal in the beautiful sacred landscape of North Central Oklahoma. We are a not-for-profit organization and your donation is tax-deductible.  

Your contributions to St. Francis of the Woods help us continue to provide this sacred space on a donation basis. We practice Franciscan stewardship of our land, so donations go toward ecological and educational projects and programs including our native prairie restoration project, the Hildegarden which we are expanding to be more sustainable and educational while feeding those in need in our community, and to the scholarship fund for students wishing to attend Prairiewood Forest School through which we host nature-immersed classes for ages 2-17. 

Please consider financially supporting the work of St. Francis of the Woods.

Prairiewood Forest School Scholarships

We help kids connect to nature, creativity, and community through Prairiewood Forest School classes. For each class, we offer scholarships so that youth in foster care can attend at no cost. For Friday classes, we also offer scholarships to Coyle Public School students, since our neighboring school district does not meet on Fridays.​ Other students who wish to join but have need for financial assistance are invited to apply for a scholarship, and we offer partial and full tuition reduction as we are able thanks to the incoming scholarship donations. To help fund these scholarships, you can donate $30 for a single class or $250 for a full season of classes. Any other amount designated 'Prairiewood Forest School' will also go toward student scholarships!

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