We believe that community is at the core of our spiritual path. Our residential community is made up of sincere spiritual seekers, dedicated to cultivating peace and united in the healing work of love, who desire to unveil the mystical in the everyday and develop a daily practice that brings us into communion with the Creator and our neighbors, though exploration of Self, Community, and deep connection to the Natural World.

St. Francis of the Woods was inspired by the Russian Orthodox tradition of the Poustinia, a room or outbuilding set aside in or near one’s home, where travelers and pilgrims are welcomed and given simple shelter and provisions to enable a time apart for prayer and inner reflection. Such a place is akin to the hospitality provided by persons who, in times of trouble, transition, or intense spiritual search, show up at ashrams in India and monastic communities around the world. It was the desire of our founders, Bishop John and Kay Adair, to offer safe haven, a sacred space for respite and renewal, to anyone on a spiritual journey. We have begun offering directed retreats where retreatants can participate in the life of the community and meet with a spiritual director during their time at St. Francis of the Woods. 

You are welcome to join us in community whether you are physically present with us or joining us in spirit. On Mondays you are invited to spend time in silence. That may mean taking a break from your cell phone or social media or actual silence as a spiritual practice. Wednesday through Friday you are invited to join us for prayer and meditation. You are invited to join us as we fast beginning Thursday evenings until community dinner on Friday. Unction on Friday is a service of anointing with oil for healing and everyone is welcome. Whether you are here on the grounds or just with us in your heart, please join with the St. Francis of the Woods community as we meditate, pray, work, fast, and eat togther. 

Our mission is to empower people to renew their spirits and transform the world through community, creativity, and care for creation. We believe that together we can build a community and a world united in the healing work of love

Community Schedule

Mondays - Silent day



8:00 - yoga

9:00 - centering prayer (Oakerhater Chapel)



9:00 - centering prayer (Oakerhater Chapel)

10:00 - community work

12:00 - midday meditation (St. Francis Chapel)


Fridays - Fast day 

9:00 - centering prayer (Oakerhater Chapel)

10:00 - community work

12:00 - midday meditation (St. Francis Chapel)

18:00 - holy unction (Oakerhater Chapel)

18:45 - community dinner 



First Sundays (St. Francis Chapel)

10:30 - Liturgy of Preparation

10:45 - Divine Liturgy

12:00 - community potluck


Other Sundays (Oakerhater Chapel)

10:30 - Coffee

10:45 - Eucharist

12:00 - community potluck

Community Affirmations

1. We will practice love, in union with our Creator, and respect the dignity of every human being, treating each person as a sister or brother. 

2. We will strive to treat the earth as mother by taking only what I need and giving back with gratitude.

3. We will strive for simplicity of life, being conscious of our impact on this community and this earth. 

4. We will offer curiosity when we do not understand another’s journey and remind ourselves that we are all students and teachers on life’s path.

5. We will embrace the fullness of the human experience, celebrating the sacred in both the silly and the mundane.

6. We will strive to accept each moment as an invitation to deepen our understanding of and compassion for ourselves, our community, and the world. 

7. We will honor our lives as an instrument of peacemaking by promoting reconciliation, love, and community.​

For more information about community life, please call or email us. 

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