Residential Community

We are a contemplative community guided by the traditions of the early Church, scripture, tradition, and the writings of saints and sages of the ancient wisdom traditionsCommunity is at the core of our spiritual path. Our residential community is made up of sincere spiritual seekers, dedicated to cultivating peace, and united in the healing work of love. We desire to unveil the mystical in the everyday and develop a daily practice that brings us into deep communion with our neighbors, the earth, and our Creator. For more information visit our spiritual path page or check out our community schedule

Current Residents

Fr. Aidan Wilson has been the Executive Director of St. Francis of the Woods since 2014. He was ordained a priest in the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church in America in 2015. In 2019 he was consecrated as a Bishop in 2019



P.O. Box 400
11414 W. Hwy 33

Coyle, OK 73027


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