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HeartPaths has been preparing clergy and laity for the ministries of spiritual leadership and spiritual direction since 1982. Many of our graduates are now serving as spiritual directors and leading retreats and meditation groups. Others have used their formation and training experience to enhance their work in various ministry settings.

The spiritual path with a heart is journey of the whole person (body, mind, spirit) to discover and respond to the mystery of God planted deeply within the life of each person and our world.  It requires a seasoned awareness of the self and the self in relationship to creation and others.  HeartPaths seeks to develop the awareness of God's mystery fully present in all human experience through the comtemplative practices of prayer, reflection and simple noticing.  


The spritual path with a heart is also a journey that requires openness to the movements of God in human life and experience.  As a sailor can only "tidy the craft, hoist the sail, and wait for the wind to blow", we must surrender our need to control and learn to cooperate with the leading of God's spirit in the real world.  HeartPaths seeks to develop this centered and willing response to God via practicing spiritual disciplines, reflective awareness of how we engage life, and learning to discern the movement of God in self, relationships and community.


Our training program is designed with three phases.  The first year deepens your own spiritual formation and group facilitating skills and leads to the Certificate in Spiritual Leadership.  Those who discern a calling to continue will complete the second year Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius and the third year Practicum in Spiritual Direction.  Completion of all three years leads to the Certificate in Spiritual Direction. New cohorts begin every September. For more information  or to enroll, visit

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