Cimarron Heights Library

The Cimarron Heights Library provides a beautiful place for rest, study or leisurely reading. The Library houses an extensive collection of books; approximately 20,000 volumes on theology, church history, worship and liturgy, Jungian psychology, poetry, sustainable agriculture, Jewish mysticism, Native American Spirituality, Eastern Orthodoxy, Saint Francis of Assisi, and many others.


Topics of interest are primarily focused toward spiritual seekers and those wishing to deepen their faith or knowledge of religion and spirituality. An upstairs room is available for research, study, or meetings. The Library is open daily by request. 

We are just beginning to catalogue our books on a searchable data base. Please use the search bar below or browse through titles on the left.

For now, to view our entire collection, you must visit the Cimarron Heights Library in person. You’ll be glad you did! 



P.O. Box 400
11414 W. Hwy 33

Coyle, OK 73027


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