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The St. Francis Chapel is open to anyone for prayer and meditation. Our purpose is to serve all persons seeking God as their Creator and to teach love of God and love of one another. We are guided by the traditions of the early Church and look to Scripture, Tradition, and the writings of the Church Fathers and of St. Francis of Assisi for inspiration. We are an independent ecumenical community with roots in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. We seek to be a place where people of various traditions can find spiritual enrichment though liturgical worship, the sacraments or "mysteries," and the wonder of creation. 


The Chapel was designed as a reflection of the open expanse of God’s Love. A United Methodist cross above the Orthodox altar is a sign of our ecumenical spirit. The iconostasis (icon screen) represents the meeting place between God and humanity. Icons have been used in Christian worship since its earliest history.   They remind us that the unseen Creator of the Universe became incarnate, uniting spirit and matter, human and Divine in the eternal flow of love. 


“It is obvious that when you contemplate God becoming man, then you may depict Him clothed in human form… When He who is bodiless and without form, immeasurable in the boundlessness of His own nature, existing in the form of God, empties Himself and takes the form of a servant in substance and in stature and is found in a body of flesh, then you may draw His image and show it to anyone willing to gaze upon it.”

                                        - St. John of Damascus (d. 749)

Our worship invokes all the senses.  The bright colors of the icons, the smell of incense, the sound of music, the taste of bread and wine are all designed to remind the worshiper that our whole self, body and soul, are mystically participating in the true eternal Eucharist, the reconciling of God and Creation.


In the Eucharist we break bread and share wine, as the early Church did, to remember and participate in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. Through it, we recall the Incarnation, the unity of spirit and matter, and our place as image-bearers of the Divine. The Eucharist reminds us that we are one people, the body of the Divine Christ in the world.

While on retreat you are welcome to join us for Centering Prayer offered each Thursday at 9:00am. You are also invited to walk the Way of the Cross, a two-mile stations of the cross meditation along the trail. Booklets may be found in the box near the fence at the Clare Cabin. 


On most Sundays we offer a simple Eucharist in the Oakerhater Chapel followed by a shared meal. The service draws upon the Eastern Orthodox, Franciscan, and Native American traditions. In place of a sermon we engage in discussion about the scripture readings. We read mystic poetry by Christian Saints, Sufis, Hindus, Buddhists, and other ancient wisdom traditions. 


On First Sundays and Holy Days we offer the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chyrsostom in the St. Francis Chapel.

All are welcome here and the Eucharist is offered to all who seek communion with God.

Eastern Rite Services

First Sundays

Liturgy of Preparation @ 10:00

Divine Liturgy @ 10:30

Potluck @ 12:00

Western Rite Services

Other Sundays

Coffee @ 10:30

Eucharist @ 10:45

Potluck @ 12:00

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