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Retreat Lodging


Wheelchair Accessible

2 bedroom (1 queen, 2 twin), 1 bath


Set back at the end of the drive near the begining of the walking trails, Clare is a perfect place to relax away from the hustle and bustle. Abundant natural lighting and a west facing deck make this a very beautiful space!

St. Clare Cabin
Master Bedroom


2 bedroom (1 full, 2 twin), 1 bath


Surrounded by woods, the Bonaventure Cabin is a magical setting. A deck wraps around half of the cabin providing an incredible view of nature. Bonaventure has its own drive, but is only a short walk from the Chapel and Library. 

St. Bonaventure Cabin
Master Bedroom
Dining & Living Room

5 bedroom (1 king, 1 full, 10 twin), 3 bath


The St. John's Lodge is great for large retreat groups. Located on our original property (2 miles north of the main property), it features a fireplace, spacious living and dining areas, a greenhouse, meditation room, and a king size bed. Click here for the floor plan

St. John's Lodge

1 bedroom (1 full), 4 large couches


The Upper Room is the apartment above the Community Center. It has a full-size bed, large living area with abundant natural lighting, kitchen, and bathroom. 


4 bedroom (1 full, 8 twin), 2 bath


The Farm House was the first dwelling built for Bishop John Adair's Poustinia. It is a beautiful two story lodge with west facing balconies on both levels. It features a fireplace, sunroom, large dining room table, and firepit outside. 

Click here for the floor plan. 

Farm House
Living Room

Temporarily Unavailable

If you are interested in booking a retreat or need more information please contact us by email or call 405.466.3774!
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