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Retreat Lodging

If you are interested in booking a retreat or need more information please contact us by email or call 405.466.3774!


Wheelchair Accessible

2 bedroom (1 queen, 2 twin), 1 bath


Set back at the end of the drive near the begining of the walking trails, Clare is a perfect place to relax away from the hustle and bustle. Abundant natural lighting and a west facing deck make this a very beautiful space!

St. Clare Cabin


2 bedroom (1 full, 2 twin), 1 bath


Surrounded by woods, the Bonaventure Cabin is a magical setting. A deck wraps around half of the cabin providing an incredible view of nature. Bonaventure has its own drive, but is only a short walk from the Chapel and Library. 

St. Bonaventure Cabin
Bonaventure Bath
Dining & Living Room
Bonaventure Living Room
Bonaventure Kitchen

Te Ata

3 bedroom (2 queen, 3 twin), 2 bath


Te Ata is our newest cabin! It has a large back porch, a cheery living room with piano and fireplace, an updated kitchen, and five beds across three bedrooms with two bathrooms. Te Ata is west of our main property set on the edge of the woods.

Te Ata
Te Ata
Te Ata Bath
Te Ata Kitchen
Te Ata Living Room
Te Ata Bedroom
Te Ata Bedroom

1 bedroom (1 full), 1 bath


Sojourner is a small cabin, perfect for individual retreats. There's a beautiful large living room area in the back with lots of windows! It is near the front of the property right across from the Kay Adair Community Center.

Sojourner Kitchen
Sojourner Bedroom

1 bedroom (1 full), 4 large couches


The Upper Room is the apartment above the Community Center. It has a full-size bed, large living area with abundant natural lighting, kitchen, and bathroom. This space is available to individual retreats or group workshops.

IMG_1570 2
IMG_1568 2

5 bedroom (1 king, 1 full, 10 twin), 3 bath


The St. John's Lodge is great for large retreat groups. Located on our original property (2 miles north of the main property), it features a fireplace, spacious living and dining areas, a greenhouse, meditation room, and a king size bed. Click here for the floor plan

St. John's Lodge
Living Room

4 bedroom (1 full, 8 twin), 2 bath


The Farm House was the first dwelling built for Bishop John Adair's Poustinia. It is a beautiful two story lodge with west facing balconies on both levels. It features a fireplace, sunroom, large dining room table, and firepit outside. 

Click here for the floor plan. 

Farm House
Living Room

Temporarily Unavailable

If you are interested in booking a retreat or need more information please contact us by email or call 405.466.3774!
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