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Meditating with the Mystics

Meditating with the Mystics is a retreat series lead by Fr. Aidan. Each retreat will focus on a different saint or mystic. Join us as we dive into the essence of the mystics through their stories and through their writings. These retreats include guided meditations, breath prayer, mindfulness, nature noticing, lectio divina, labyrinth, and other prayer and meditation practices. We also share a vegetarian potluck lunch. Space is very limited! Cost is $40. 

18 March - Sts. Patrick, Brigid, & Columba

20 MayJulian of Norwich 

17 June - Sts. Anthony the Great & Athanasius of Alexandria

19 August - St. Gregory Palamas 

9 September - Ibn ʿArabī 

7 October - St. Francis of Assisi