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Holy Week & Pascha

St. Francis of the Woods is a contemplative spiritual community with roots in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. We follow the Paschal cycle of the Eastern Church. During the season of Great Lent, from Sunday, March 18th, until Palm Sunday, April 28th, we will have inquirers class during potluck after Sunday services.  This is an opportunity to deepen your faith journey and learn more about the Ecumenical Orthodox way of St. Francis of the Woods and the history and tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Those interested in baptism are encouraged to attend inquirers class. Our services are always open to the public and all are welcome.
Holy Week 2024


Holy Wednesday - May 1st

(Oakerhater Chapel)

12pm - Sixth Hour Meditation + Unction

6pm - Community Potluck Dinner & Egg stuffing

7:30pm - Tenebrae


Holy Thursday - May 2nd 

(Oakerhater Chapel)

9am - Matins 

12pm - Sixth Hour Meditation & Foot Washing

(St. Francis Chapel)

5pm - Divine Liturgy of St. Basil 

6pm - Matins of the 12 Passion Gospels


Great & Holy Friday - May 3rd 

(Oakerhater Chapel)

9am - Matins

(St. Francis Chapel)

12pm - Sixth Hour + Stations of the Cross

3pm - Matins of the Taking Down from the Cross

6pm - Vespers Lamentation at the Tomb

Great & Holy Pascha - May 5th

(St. Francis Chapel)

10:15am - Prothesis 

10:45am - Paschal Divine Liturgy 

Noon(ish) - Potluck Picnic Feast 

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