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This course can no longer be booked.

Djembe Repair & Assembly Workshop


Adam has been re-heading; rebuilding and repairing Djembe's for 18 years. This workshop will teach you how to rebuild the African Djembe, providing origin and history of this drum. Each student will rebuild their own drum. All the necessary supplies are included in the cost of the workshop. Students will receive a goat skin head, new rope, and hand pullers. The workshop will be divided into two eight-hour days. On May 18th students will learn about the origin and history of the djembe, soak their skins, tear down their drums, rewrap their rings, install the wet skins, rerun the ropes. We will also learn about the tribes in Africa where our supplies come from. June 1st, student will tighten, pull, and create the diamond pattern with the ropes. When? May 18th & June 1st, 9am-5pm Where: Kay Adair Community Center Cost: $375 per-person

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