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Spirituality for the Non Religious


This workshop will explore what “spirituality” is and what it means to be a spiritual person in our world today. Whether you are religious, non religious or none the precepts and models to be presented will help you develop your spirituality. Topics to be explored include, “What does it mean to be spiritual?”, “What does a whole person spirituality look like?” and “Touchstones to develop your spirituality”. This Workshop will be offered on Saturday July 27th from 9am to 4pm at St. Francis In the Woods. Workshop leader is Rev. Dr. Bob Gardenhire III, D.Min. Bob is the Founding Director of HeartPaths where he has been training Spiritual Directors since 1982.

Refund Policy

Refunds are made only if an event or program is cancelled by St. Francis of the Woods. By enrolling, you hereby authorize St. Francis of the Woods’ third party payment service provider (PayPal) to charge your account in full. You are also agreeing to be bound by PayPal’s US Terms of Service ( If you dispute any valid charges, you may be responsible for paying administrative dispute fees.


  • 11414 W. Hwy 33, Coyle, OK 73027, USA

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